Agri-photovoltaic solutions

Agri-photovoltaics, or APV for short, is the simultaneous use of agricultural land for both photovoltaic power generation and agriculture. As agricultural experts, we ensure the managerial and technical expertise for crop suitability and dual-use land. 

We are partnering with Romelectro Investments to develop APV sites across agricultural land in Italy. The result of these installed plants is foreseen to generate 405MW/h of clean energy. 

We are conscious that APV solutions require an innate knowledge of agricultural operations. In this sense, we not only bring the land to these solutions, but more importantly the necessary farming expertise.

Efficient farming

In the growing context of land scarcity, agrivoltaic systems address land-use conflicts between agriculture and energy production, thus meeting one of the main challenges of sustainable development.

Preserves natural resource

Solar panels help to conserve dwindling freshwater supplies by reducing evaporation from both plants and soil. Conversely, evaporation underneath the panels cools the panels and boosts electricity production.

Real-time adjustments

Solar panels adapt in real-time by adjusting their position to the physiological needs of plants and protecting them from frost and hail. Algorithms combine weather forecasting and plants modelling in order to adapt to each field.

Farmers wellbeing

With farmer livelihoods a key topic for our group, we ensure that each of the selected agricultural sites receives a rent. This revenue stream spares farmers any reliance on subsidies and lowers the financial risk of harvest fluctuations.

Increased yield

Shielding plants from excessive heat, cold and UV damage can increase the yield of certain crops, creating a positive impact on crop yield, water consumption and sometimes even extending the growing season

No waste creation

During their life span, PV panels create neither acoustic nor physical waste, reducing any negative impact on the natural environment.

“Fostering collaborative opportunities to promote sustainable and equitable agricultural solutions is key for us to drive solutions for the climate agenda. If we can create the bridge for energy and food production, we create a common interest for all.”

Salvatore Toscano,
Founder and President