Producing healthy foods in verifiably healthy ways

With our patented smart farming system TAP, sustainable agriculture is no longer a promise. It’s guaranteed – because our whole production chain is traceable from soil to shelf, and runs on an encrypted operating system. This only allows us to produce according to the highest environmental, social and governmental standards.


Full traceability from soil to shelf allows for better cooperation, efficient manageability and equitable participation in profits.


TAP allows the integration of food producers of all types and sizes. It is also applicable as an operating mode to other ecosystems.


Fulfillment of environmental, social and governmental standards are guaranteed and free from forge.

è is Italian. It translates to “it is” but means more “this is really, truly, fully it”. And since we’re an italian-swiss company we chose è to be the perfect logo and label for healthy foods produced in verifiably healthy ways.

Welcome to the world of eko agro. We’re an enterprise group of established farm-to-fork producers operating in the field of AgTech. We make sustainable agriculture scalable and profitable – not only in the benefit of investors and consumers, but also for farmers, people and planet. Explore the milestones in our journey…


The UN – Tackling big challenges

We have consciously and consequently based our whole organisation and work on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They work as a blueprint to protect our future with strategies to improve health and education, reduce social inequality, spur economic growth and tackle climate change.

Science – Laying scientific foundations

As scientists and engineers in the field of agriculture, we developed a proprietary protocol compliant with each one of the 17 UN goals, with a simple question in mind: “how can we rejuvenate agriculture in a way where everyone benefits, including future generations?”

Breakthrough – Ensuring successful transformation

After years of work our “intelligent agriculture” model TAP (Tech Agrarian Protocol) was born: a unique formula for turning agriculture into a fair and participatory business for farmers. One which respects the earth and our grandchildren, creates a safe supply chain for consumers, and makes sustainable farming systems both profitable and scalable.

Partners – Joining Forces

An important thing we have learned from nature, personified by the bee, is that cooperative and interconnective organisations are the most successful. We’re actively fostering interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration through a strong ecosystem of partners including local governments, universities, purpose driven investors and industrial partners.

Farms – Securing ancient wisdom

This is where we are today, with the current acquisition of land, farms and agri-food companies including their treasure of knowledge. This is a crucial step, facilitating the scale to which we can apply TAP – and empowering farmers to secure a diversity of high quality produce, wisdom and succession.

Technology – Leveraging innovation

Our next step will be to implement our smart production systems. As an integral part of the TAP, we believe in the power of technology to increase pace and scale of change. Surveillance systems allow farmers to monitor their sites more efficiently whilst cloud-based IoT operating systems connect products, plants, systems and machines to generate data – for transparency, analysis, improvements and further research.

Consortia – Producing differently

We plan on building consortia dedicated to specific productions including cereal, dairy, meat, fruit and vegetables, oil, wine and ready-made meals. These shared production hubs are essential to control an entire integrated chain of agricultural production; creating synergies and applying the principles of traceability in every operational phase.

The people – Sharing the fruit

What started with the translation of the UN goals for a better planet will sum up in a traceable circular economy with benefits for all; sharing profitability with our farmers, delivering healthy, high quality food to our consumers and bringing back sustainability into the earth once more.

“Nature is the world’s most valuable industry. And it runs perfectly by itself. Our job is not to manipulate but to observe, understand, and apply science and technology to support it’s natural modes of operation.”

Salvatore Toscano,
Founder and President